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taken. i think that hain of us might agree that we want to see more people bicycle ling whether to mute commuting to work or family outings as well and i have i should mention that i have had two bicycles stolen from my garage in my building over the past couple of years and also in inner richmond as well and we want to look at city wide data on the issues and bike thefts are on the rise at about 3,000 per year in san francisco and $3 million worth of bicycles are pistollen each rather year and we might see that income as people choose bicycling as a more viable means of transportation given the oil crisis. and i also want for stronger bicycling and other mobile means of transportation, we may see that thefting become on the rise and one of the greatest -- are according to the san francisco bicycle coalition. i i wanted to whether as add that there have been some -- including san franciscotion police department apprehension of a thief that took one 14 bicycles last july and a successful sting and the bicycle coalition have held numerous workshops to educate riders on how to prevent bik
. and that you need to provide us with sufficient information, not yes, no, you have to explain it. we have modified the application, several times in order for them to do that. but to tell them what they should say, i think is i tend to agree with josoline. >> let me add, not necessarily for a script, but a for certain permits have you to provide neighbors with a plan. and have them sign a form that says, they have seen the plan, and that they have been given a number that they can call if they have any problems. that is an example. >> but, yeah, like, if there is like a light impact issue that is going to effect the neighbors, i think that noise is definitely something that i would think merits, i don't want to put the applicants into so much burden to put in an application but there should be some minimum structure and guidance around what out reach looks like. that is not necessarily spoon-feeding them the dialogue. they can figure out themselves how to say it but you have to cover concern information in an out reach plan. >> there has been some neighborhood out reach, i have seen or we
you will be the facilities use agreement that accompanies each of those offer us and will be able to review and ratify those agreements sometime after may 1 whtd process is finished. >> i have one speaker card on this item. i'm not sure if she is still here. hillary harmsome. thank you. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. good evening president norton, superintendent and commissioners and district staff. i am hillary harmsome. good pronunciation. i am with the charter school association and behalf to speak for the member schools and our concern about the proposed increase. as a professional organization for charterer public schools our role is help charters navigate their unique challenges. two challenges that come up again and again they receive less money than traditional schools and limited access to affordable quality facilities. they're public school students and observe equitable access to facilities and they're required to provide the facilities equal to other schools. historical sfusd has offered fair rates on to schools with facilities and allowing them t
the man choirian okay was used in this champ better because it was softer and they could carve it better. and it reflects what the city's about. it's more about the finer details rear than the rough objectives that you are focusing on i see you folksing on bike theft and don't worry about the equestrian horse theft stolen right from under the city and not one supervisor did anything about it. that is theft of a magsive scale and for the president of this board of supervisors to get up and say that this type of activity is going to be transferred to the state and to the rest of the united states well, we are in for a lot of big trouble. because my culture just doesn't disappear. it doesn't disappear from san francisco it doesn't disappear from california it doesn't disappear from the united states you folks may disappear but my culture doesn't. thank you. >>. >> thank you next speaker? >>> my name is eugene gordon jr. and we dress for democratic party leadership for over two centuries over constitutional law gave states right so they would not be confused with federal law and in
will kickstart our economy back up again. >> it looks like we are out of time. i want to thank you for joining us today. supervisor kim: thank you. >> we have been talking to supervisor of jane kim. watch for the next episode when we will be back. >> [sound of gavel] good afternoon welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of the tuesday january 29, 2013 of the board of supervisors for the city and county of san francisco home of the superbowl heading san francisco 49ers. madame clerk please call the role. >>> supervisor avalos, avalos present. breed present. supervisor campus poes present. president chiu, chiu present. chu present, supervisor cohen, yes, i'm here. >> cohen present. supervisor farrell. farrell present. kim present. supervisor mar, mar present. supervisor wiener, wiener present. and supervisor yee.y present. mr. president all members are present. >> thank you could you please join us in the problem of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] i pledge allegiance to the flag, of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one na
to younger, kind of art-loving hipsters in areas, but there is a bunch of different types of use. campaigning for supervisor men having to listen to a lot of those and find commonalities that unite people together around improving the richmond for working families, seniors, and everyone that lives here. >> where do you fall on the political spectrum supervisor mar: mar -- where you fall on the political spectrum? supervisor mar: definitely strong support for small businesses. some have said that in a progressive, and though i do not like the term to much because i think it always boxes in, i have always considered myself as having progressive politics because i believe in a vision where people have their needs met. i believe in equity. when people have special needs, we should be considerate of that. i also feel that working families and the lowest income populations should have a safety net. we should have human rights and equality and civil rights for people as well. i am very proud of being a progressive. >> what do you think are some of the biggest issues facing san francisco? >> right no
want to participate and use the space, will be able to take a programs that they are currently delivering at sites like the school of the arts and schools in the east bay and find ways to deliver them to the locations that are around our neighborhood. i see us as serving as a catalyst for that. we will not be producers for those events but hopefully the artist and organizations that we are working with in our space will take advantage of our position in the neighborhood and work with the groups who are directly around us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so, i just wanted to also say along with alliance for a better district six, the community leadership alliance and at the police station, one wednesday a month at like 11 a bunch of non-profits but i can't remember what that was called. >> the tender loin future's collaborativive which is really a great hub. all of the non-for profits in the area meet there and that is at the police station in the tender loin. so definitely hit some of the neighborhood organizations. because they are going to be very helpful to you in the future.
for you. the time is more than right. i further ask ask you to give us decedent, proper housing. that is a gross insult to seniors who have worked hard in this country. i do tell have a tremendous amount of intelligence and diggity. thank you so much. >> thank you very much next speaker. >> my name is calvin and i'm speaking for the hash burden aye counsel and there are other members of the on the board of counsel and we would like to give you a report on the resolution of this board passed resolution one 2111 regarding march 82011, the neighborhood recycling center at sen 08. as you well know we were evicted what you probably don't know is the violence that involved the post eviction activitied in language believe because of the failure of the department to follow the resolution of this board. on march 8, 2011, the board passed the resolution that asked the mayor and the department of environment is to create an independent recycling master plan that outlines the recycling need of city and curb side pick up and support anden senior sure san francisco's program for the ci
is to approve so this is very helpful. is there a way for us to access those letters of protest before those hearing happen? if they could be placed in the packet or a way for us to easily scan them before these meetings? >> yes, i will have those for you at the next meeting. >> thank you. >> okay. great. colleagues? any comments or any other questions? i know that there has been a request by the applicant to continue, and my understanding is that the district supervisor does not have an issue with that, and in light of that i think that probably makes sense. i have to say though, that the comments and concerns from the public are you know, very legitimate concerns and i certainly look forward to a resolution of those concerns. so colleagues, if we could have a motion to continue to the call of the chair? >> motioned by supervisor mar. >> we could do that without objection? >> thank you, if you could please call item number four. >> item number four is a hearing to consider the issue ans of type 42 on-sale beer and wine public premises license to jordan lewis and case lewis for the folsom st
. >> item 24 was referred from the land use economic development committee without recommendation. resolution granting revocable permission to aquilina family 2001 revocable trust to occupy a portion of the public right-of-way to remove and reconstruct a portion of a city-owned and maintained retaining wall to construct a concrete driveway ramp, with accessible transition slopes to conform to the existing sidewalk grade, that will provide vehicular access to a proposed new residence with a garage at 54 peralta avenue. >> colleagues, this is from public works. i'd like to acknowledge the district supervisor, supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president. colleagues, i want to say today we have been working with not only the parties, but also the residents in trying to resolve some of the issues here and so with that in mind i here by move for a two week continuance to march 12. >> supervisor campos has asked for a two week continuance. is there a second to that? seconded by supervisor avalos. colleagues, any objection, with a motion to continue? this item will be continued to two
. >> thank you. colleagues, i have several items. first i wanted to acknowledge president chiu's asking of us to report on different regional bodies that we sit on. so, the golden gate bridge port, i serve on with great appreciation for the golden gate workers i worked on for a year and a half. i look forward to the leadership of supervisors breed, yee and wiener on the golden gate bridge board. a number of families brought to us at that board was one of the issues that we approved in concept and the 25 million more that's needed to build some barrier to acknowledge the dangers of the golden gate bridge is some of the unfinished business that will be before you. also, the all-electronic tolling that i know that supervisor chiu and others have been working it to educate our community about. it's going to be starting in several weeks. * the human beings that have been the toll takers for years, the district is finding additional jobs and training for them, but it will be all electronic tolling by the end of -- or by early march. i think it's march 1st. also for the bay area government that i've
for bringing this to us. fred roth, senior, was an inspiration to many of us, especially those that have been community organizers like myself. he trained an army of organizers, not just for the united farm workers, but for many different struggles historically. and it's really an honor for me to stand here before you with fred roth, junior, and others to urge your support to join hundreds of other labor and community and civic organizationses and groups in urging president obama to bestow the presidential medal of honor post hume usly on fred senior. his entire life work was spirited and defiant in the struggle for freedom and dignity, especially for lower income workers, not just farmers, but disinfran hiesed and depressed communities not just the state of california, but nation wood. a more proactive struggle for equity and human dignity for everyone. i wanted to also say that a little bit of history is important. in the '50s mr. roth worked in the latino communities and barrios of los angeles, san jose, and other cities to build chapters of the cso or community service organizations, civi
-wide improvement organization that addresses land use, and public safety concerns. currently there are over, could i have the overhead? >> currently there are over, overhead, please? somewhere? currently there are over 800 liquor licenses in san francisco. and i consider that an over concentration and adding and if you see all of these dots, this is downtown where they are going to have their store. recently our membership, i surveyed our membership and public safety was our top priority. and there are many reasons why the community feels that the license will not service the convenience of the community and the list is 22, reasons that have been given to you. and i just a brief list. and the community is saying enough is enough. you know, when could i have the overhead? >> when walgreens posted back in march of 2012, they notified the community that they were going to have a liquor license at 135 powell. the reality is not just there but also 149 powell because they are taking over lories. the neighbors did not know that there was going to be a super store at the time of posting. we also questio
about the toughest issues they have been facing. welcome, supervisor. thank you for joining us. let's start by talking about your background, where you grew up. >> i grew up in sacramento, california, in the south area. went to public schools. ended up in uc-davis. made my way out to san francisco when i was a college student, and i sat in the class is in san francisco state as well, and i remember growing up at that time around clement street. we call the richmond district the new chinatown in the 1980's at that time. just being around the tremendous unique neighborhood, and discovering san francisco in the 1980's as i grew up, but i also have been very active as a community organizer. i worked in chinatown, and some first jobs also at the mental health center in the richmond area multi services in the 1980's, and i was also a staff are at the chinatown youth center -- i was also a staffer. a lot of my work has been supporting community empowerment, especially in an immigrant and people of color communities. most recently, i have been teaching at san francisco state. i ran the immi
served style of artwork that is primarily used for the creation of video games, movies, fashion and industry. it is drawn on computers, photoshop, corel painter and thus, l is not a hard copy of it. what we have done is put an array of monitors that can slide show and show this artwork which is very eye catching and i think that it speaks to a lot of people in the san francisco area that are involved in you know creation of these video games, movies, high-tech and we are hoping to serve that market by having a interesting area where creative professionals can come and enjoy this artwork and relax with a glass of wine or a cold beer or a cup of coffee. and that is just the basic overview of our venue. and we are getting a good response from neighborhood and they are looking forward to us opening from everyone that we have heard and we just hope to move forward. >> a quick question, have you reached out to the district supervisor? >> we have not, spoken with her directly, accept for the letters that we sent. >> if you could speak into the mic. >> we have not spoken with our superv
to ask dr. schmidt, if you could introduce who is here with us, too. >> yes. we have here dr. [speaker not understood]. she is the director of the institute for health policy studies. roberta vargas as you already mentioned, and ms. paula fleichser who is one of our experts. i wanted to make a very brief statement. it's a real honor to be here to speak to this commendation on behalf of our staff. we have over a hundred faculty and staff at the institute for health policy studies. ucsf is by far one of san francisco's many, many treasures. but the newest discovery for medicine and population health often get locked up in the ivory tower and they don't make their way out onto the streets to actually help the population very quickly. so, our institute's core mission is to translate advances in science as they come forward within the university and translate them into policies that help people live longer and live healthier lives. we work directly with people, with leadership at the global level, at the national level, at the state level, and at the local level. but nowhere are we more com
to continue to retain the existing entitlement rights after the two years the mta will use the site for the extraction tunnel boring machine. so, with that colleagues, i'd like to ask for your support. >> thank you very much. any other comments? given that, can we take that same house same call? thank you, colleagues. >> colleagues, why don't we get roll call. >> first on roll call is supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i'm sorry, madam clerk. can you re-refer me? i seem to have misplaced my notes. >> no problem, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today i have introduced a number of hearings related to the budget and finance committee. we are going to convene the five-person committee on march 6 and start our budget process. we're going to have budget updates from a number of the major departments as well as updates from the controller's office on their five-year financial plan. it plan and 10 year capital plan as well as our city's reserve and set aside policies. i think two ones of note that i'll just call out. one calling for a hear
, the techniques we used as union organizers came from his father, fred roth. that contribution is huge was of the work that he did bring science to how we organize. that's actually changed the nation. that's the impact that fred roth senior has had on the world and i just want to all be here in your presence. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. i don't want to repeat what's been said. but, you know, i was meeting with dolores huerta just a couple days ago and i was really surprised that someone like her would be supporting our effort to add harvey milk's name to the airport. (applause) >> what she talked to me about was how she learned about the enter connection of every human being and that every cause for justice and equality is one that concerns all of us regardless of where you come from and where you are. * and i think that's the lesson, that people like dolores learned from your father. not only did he influence leaders like dolores and cesar chavez, but to this day, after years of his passing, influencing so many generations, it's really a legacy that will last forever. and just
. >> that leaves us the two remaining items in the richmond district and does anyone know how richmond stands on this? >> i will be speaking on behalf of officer tobe moore. >> and before you do. let me officially call the items they are two separate items. let's go back to 6 e, malik aslam dba jack in the box, 4649 geary, extended hours permit amply indication. application. >> it is located at geary and 11th avenue. this issue, this location came before the commission on january 24th, 2012. and then, after a process that involved a lot of community groups, the supervisor's office, residents, sfpd and the owner of the commission, granted an extended hours and permit with conditions. one condition approved operating hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.. but not after 4:00 or before 6:00. now after a year of operation, the operator has returned to ask full permission to operate between 4 and 6. operation at those hours will allow the venue to serve breakfast and i will let sfpd and the applicant take it from here. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> good evening commissioners. >> my name is art briden and
and the establishment was in district six during a redistricting process, they swiped us away and so any way, i want to point out that we did write a letter of support, but i also want to point out that they did no out reach. so, if you are shaming everybody for not doing the out reach, it starts here too. when they posted it was not clear, if it was st francis hotel or if it was st francis hotel asking for a liquor license or a different entity, it was not until we get the packet for this meeting that we realized that it is actually an entity that has because they did not do the out reach to the community. and so we thought that it was the hotel opening up a bar, under its name. and in reality, it is a chain of bars that are opening up and they want to open up at this location. and we do agree with the conditions that are set out by the police department. but, again p the issue of out reach, i think that it should be pointed out that you know, these applicants need to do the community out reach so that everybody, and just assume that there is no organizations or no residents and all of that, well t
their bond and insuring that work is done on time. we monitor that what we get works for us, can be intaughted on the building the way it should be and force them to go to the architect and get it approved. we can get you that information but i personally don't have it at hand. >> thank you. >> roll call please. >> on 10, 11, 12. >> yes. >> yes. >> >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> aye. >> thank you and ms. norton. >> yes. >> seven aye's. >> thank you. okay. we will move on to item q, superintendent's proposals first reading. can i hear a motion and a second for guiding principles regarding practices for the san francisco unified school district. item listed here. >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. this item will be referred to the rules committee for consideration, and i believe that is it for item q. item r board member proproposals and there are none tonight. next item i will read the stapding committee and read them into the record so for the year business service will be chaird by commissioner wynns and commissioner haney and mendoza will be members. buildings grounds an
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)